What is Buti Yoga?

Wanting to experience different types of yoga is what makes it one of the unique forms of exercise out there. From power yoga to yin yoga and hot yoga, the different ways that we can express ourselves on this spiritual journey are bountiful. Some are always on the hunt to create more inspiring ways to get everyone involved.

Buti Yoga combines power yoga with a cardio-intensive tribal dance and works intently at sculpting your body. It was created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, who focuses each movement on all planes of motion to strengthen and sculpt the body. She launched the program in 2012. An upbeat tune inspired her during one of her yoga classes where she couldn’t help but shake her hips to the song.

It is pronounced as you would imagine, “booty,” which is enough to make anyone want to say the name, it was derived from an Indian Marathi word that means, “the cure to something hidden or kept.” It is primarily created to empower women but is not exclusive to the other sex.

What To Expect?

The classes focus on activating the spinal structure in the core and engaging the traverse abdominals to create long, lean muscles. Although there are some traditional poses in the class, don’t expect this to be like other classes you have experienced. There are a lot of hip movements, jumping, and blending poses to the beat of the music. Although challenging, it offers variations on all poses, so everyone is welcome, from newcomers to veterans.

Forget your yoga pants. Boot shorts and sports bras are the way to show up to this different yoga class. Gold wants the participants to embrace their bodies and to love themselves no matter what shape or size they are. Expect high-level energy throughout the length of the class, from both the instructor and the participants, as the music and vibes make it hard not to want to move along with it. Don’t worry if you are nervous about not being the most skilled at dancing; coordination is not a requirement to do the class.

What You Will Gain From The Class

The unique mix of movements serves a distinct purpose: to align our chakras, balance our elements and hormones within, and power our circulatory system. This practice aims to unblock the first and second chakras, which are connected with our power, sexuality, and inner confidence. A little more self-love and self-acceptance is hope. The walls are covered with mirrors not just for the sole purpose of achieving this self-awareness but also to help guide you through the movements.

You will understand if you hear someone mention the term, “The Spiral Structure Technique,” also known as SST, a unique way to activate all the abdominal muscle groups. Once the class is complete and you head on out to tackle the rest of your day, you will find the infectious energy lingering within and seeping its way into everything else you do.

As with all experiences in the realm of yoga, this is your journey; so why not make it the most enjoyable you can? Awaken your self-empowerment, connect to other strong beings in a unique atmosphere, and come out feeling alive. With all the different forms of yoga out there, Buti Yoga is definitely one-of-a-kind. Come as you are to the class and join the movement.

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